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Beauty Image Center Intl. is based in Hanover Park and serves the greater Northwest Suburbs, IL area. While we provide a full range of salon services, we also specialize in helping clients remedy hair thinning and hair loss due to illness.

We offer Cranial Prostetics for those suffering with hair loss and make full and partial wigs. At Beauty Image Center Intl., we make our wigs in our store and can even ship them out to you!  All of our wigs are hand made and custom. We specialize in full and partial wigs made for our customers with:

• Alopecia
• Trichotillomania
• Burn survivors
• Car accident survivors  
• Hair loss due to illness

Our staff believes in approaching each client with integrity, honesty and a desire to help the client feel beautiful. We can create the perfect hand-made cranial prosthetic for you. We know how important your hair is and are here to help you look and feel your best. Whatever your reason is for needing a wig, we are here to help!

Beauty Image Center Intl. also offers hair extensions to our clients. We can match any color and type of hair. We specialize in wigs and extensions for our client's with hair loss. We dye and match the hair extensions to any of our client's hair color and type. If you are looking for thicker, longer, fuller hair, Hair extensions help thicken and lengthen hair thinning due to illness, as well as those with naturally thin hair who want to have thicker-looking luscious hair. 

If you notice your hair is thinning and are in need of non-Surgical Hair Replacement, we specialize in non-surgical hair replacement, for those experiencing medical and non-medical hair loss. We offer Hair Integration Systems for Women and hair replacement for men. 

When you are in need of hair extensions, wigs, or hair replacement, call Beauty Image Center Intl. today!

Beauty Image Center Intl.

25 N River Ln
Geneva, IL 60134

(630) 483-9225

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