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Are you looking for non-surgical hair restoration near Schaumburg IL? Noticing that your hair may be thinning and falling out can be embarrassing, but this is more common than people think. You may have a medical condition that causes hair loss, but there are solutions. If you need hair restoration in Schaumburg, IL, we can help. Our specialty is integration and cranial prosthesis as a result of hair loss due to chemo, radiation, burns, alopecia, lupus, hereditary hair loss and more.  

You may be wondering what hair restoration is. There are mainly 2 types of hair restoration, surgical and non-surgical. When you need services for non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Schaumburg, IL, look no further than Beauty Image Center Intl.. We specialize in non-surgical hair replacement (restoration), assisting men, women and children experiencing medical & non-medical hair loss. We offer Hair Integration Systems for Women and hair replacement for men. If you notice the top of your head looking flat due to balding from hair loss, get in contact with us today. Our team of experts are trained to find where your hair is thinning and create you a custom system that blends with your current hair. Once your system is ready to be installed our stylist will cut it to the style you desire. 

Our salon offers hair loss treatment in Schaumburg, IL. Our experts will create you a system that is undetectable to the naked eye giving your hair volume, add thickness and give you a confidence boost. We are here to help you find the best solution for your hair and our goal is to help you achieve hair growth once again. Once your hair is full and long again, we'll continue working with you to keep it that way so you don't have to worry about hair loss in the future. 

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